Corporate Migration

As competition for quality employees is at a peak, employers in Australia need to think outside the box and look beyond Australia for skilled workers.

From helping Australian businesses secure a workforce to fill skill shortages, to helping families reunite, our migration experts earn the trust of our clients by identifying their needs and helping them achieve a migration outcome that best suits their circumstances.

When working with businesses, we partner with them to stabilise their workforce by securing the right visas for their employees, which in turn facilitates business growth.

For business owners and investors, Mullins can also provide advice in relation to cross-border commercial legal services, including litigation, property, commercial, international trade and investment, and more.

Our clients can expect easy accessibility to the lawyers involved in the conduct of their matters, honest responses to enquiries, fast turnaround of advice, and clear and effective communication throughout the progress of their matter. We extend this approach to all parties involved in our clients’ matters to ensure delivery of the highest standard in service.

No matter who we work with, our team provides efficient services and has proactive fee discussions with our clients – our migration services are offered on a fixed-price basis to help our clients with financial planning and budgeting.

By engaging Mullins Migration for advice early in the process, you can take comfort that your best interests are looked after and your application is being handled professionally and with maximum prospects of success.

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