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Litigation can be extremely time consuming, emotionally draining and costly. Our ideal situation is to help you avoid litigation entirely. By engaging us early in a dispute situation to advise and assist in mitigating or minimising the parameters of a dispute will help to head off a drawn out legal battle. When disputes are unavoidable, we are here to support you throughout the process to reach a desired outcome.

In other cases, when you need to protect yourself or your business from harm, our role is to ensure your interests are properly represented to achieve a result that allows you to continue on with your business with minimal distraction and economic impact.

Mullins has an exceptional track record when it comes to all types of litigation because we tailor our approach to the dispute and develop a strategy that will deliver our client a workable outcome.

We represent employers around Queensland through our work involving workers’ compensation claims; and regularly advise the building and construction, pubs, hotels, resorts and accomodation industries, acting for large public companies through to small and family-owned businesses.

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