Skilled negotiation and industry experience leaves both parties happy in sporting clubs merger

I recently acted for a licensed sporting club that had a successful business but limited opportunities for future growth on its Council leasehold land; while a nearby bowls club was struggling to stay solvent despite owning its own freehold land.

I chaired several meetings with the parties to work out how to achieve their respective goals: to secure opportunities for future growth and save the bowls club from closing its doors.

My client agreed to merge with and take over the bowls club premises but preserve the use of bowls on the site.

Drawing on my expertise across clubs and non-profits, governance, property law, commercial law, and liquor and gaming licensing, I developed a structure for the sports club to acquire the bowls club site and integrate the bowls members, while allowing the bowls club to continue to exist and maintain its independence. I also negotiated a suitable long term arrangement between the parties to ensure a sustainable future operation; obtained approvals from regulatory bodies and club members; and managed the issues to enable a smooth and collaborative process.

In the end, my client secured a project and site for future growth while the bowls members now get to enjoy playing bowls and not worry about trading a complex licensed business.

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