Experience helps struggling club prosper

A club client came to me with a problem.

Operational difficulties meant that unpaid creditors were stacking up and they were going broke fast.

The club held a council lease over a large land parcel with several sports facilities, and was keen to preserve its future – its goal was to be taken over by a larger club, providing a cash injection and superior management skills, so it could concentrate on administering club sports and not the clubhouse.

I identified the right large club to get involved in the purchase, and helped my client club to stabilise and then prosper. This involved solving complex problems involving three specific pieces of legislation and regulatory frameworks.

It required my in-depth experience and knowledge; and a sympathetic and strategic approach to gain the trust of the club’s older membership base.

Without Mullins’ involvement they’d be in the hands of a liquidator, but instead they’re now trading strongly.

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